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About Lisa

LISA G. FISCHBECK is an Episcopal priest with experience in established and new church settings. She was the launching vicar of the Episcopal Church of the Advocate, a mission church in Chapel Hill, NC, known for its engaging and thoughtful liturgy and for its creative community engagement.

​Fischbeck is also a co-founder of the Pee Wee Homes ( working to create dignified, affordable, tiny homes in caring community for and with people transitioning out of homelessness. She is ever on the lookout for opportunities for the church to collaborate with individuals and organizations in the wider community, working together to repair the torn fabric of our world. 

Fischbeck is the author of Behold What You Are: Becoming the Body of Christ (Church Publishing, April 2021) and numerous articles and blog posts within and beyond the Episcopal Church. She currently serves as Associate Priest at St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Durham, NC.


Behold What You Are is written to open the possibilities of liturgy and liturgical awareness, in the church and of the church, Sunday by Sunday, season by season.

Behold What You Are 
Becoming the Body of Christ

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