Engaging in liturgy and collaborative resourcing



April 16, 2021

Behold What You Are is written to open the possibilities of liturgy and liturgical awareness, in the church and of the church, Sunday by Sunday, season by season.
In a world increasingly and sharply divided, the image of the body of Christ can provide an alternate and life-giving narrative. We don't just gather to worship God; we gather to worship God together, even when that gathering is virtual. And we go forth together to be the body of Christ, that the world might be repaired and restored to God. This body is not finite and exclusive; it is porous and open to all. 
This season of transition to hybrid and/or in-person worship, offers us an opportunity to look at our liturgical practices anew. Our traditions are a wonderful springboard for refreshed liturgical expressions in settings within and beyond our church buildings. These expressions can connect with people who would not otherwise enter a beautiful but somewhat austere structure. With some thoughtful reflection and intentionality, the public expression and formation of the body of Christ through liturgy can become more vital for all.

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LISA G. FISCHBECK is a parish priest with experience in established and new church settings. She serves as the launching vicar of the Episcopal Church of the Advocate, a mission church in Chapel Hill, NC, known for its engaging and thoughtful liturgy and for its creative community engagement. Fischbeck is the author of Behold What You Are: Becoming the Body of Christ (Church Publishing, April 2021) and numerous articles and blog posts within and beyond the Episcopal Church. 

Fischbeck is also a co-founding of the Pee Wee Homes ( working to provide dignified affordable homes for those who would otherwise be homeless. She is ever on the lookout for opportunities for the church to collaborate with individuals and organizations in the wider community, working together to repair the torn fabric of our world. Writing from these experiences, Fischbeck is a contributor to the forthcoming The Alban Handbook of Pastoral Leadership, anticipated publication Nov 2021 (Alban Books at Rowman & Littlefield).



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