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Collaborating for Affordable Housing

Collaborative resourcing for ministry happens when the church is aware of its resources -- land, money, skilled people, location, building, a narrative, a network, etc. -- and openly shares those resources with other institutions with complimentary and supplementary resources in the community. Combining resources, we can all do more, and we can do it more effectively and more economically. Non-profit, for-profit, church, public and private funders, and beneficiaries: all equally invested in the success of the project for the repair of the world, the Way of our loving liberating and life-giving God.

Homing: A Call to Christian Hospitality in the 21st Century

I believe that churches are being called to consider a collaborative ministry of homing: joining with others in the wider community, sharing the resources of land that many of us have been given, providing homes for those who would otherwise be homeless. 


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